What is a Cockapoo?

Rhonda's CockapoosA Cockapoo is a combination of two purebred dogs: an American Cocker Spaniel, or English, and a Poodle, usually toy or miniature. You can also breed Cockapoo to Cockapoo; although, first generation breeding is usually preferred.


Traits of a Cockapoo

Cockapoos are outgoing and loving. Plus, they are low-shedding and have low dander–making them perfect for people who suffer with allergies. They are affectionate, great with children, and easy to train. Their hair ranges from sleek, like the spaniel, to curly like the poodle. However, many have a mixture of both. Their average height ranges from 10 to 15 inches and average weight comes in between 12 to 24 pounds.

Did you Know?

Rhonda's CockapoosIn Australia, Cockapoos are often called Spoodles. While in Sweden, they are known as Cockerpoos.




Earliest References

From the Oxford English Dictionary: 1960 Holiday (N.Y.) June 152/2 (caption) Poocock, or Cockerpoo. This up-and-coming ‘breed’ originated about 1954 in Los Angeles… It is virtually unknown in the East.
1979 Washington Post 1 Apr. C5/5 (advt.) Cock-a-poo 3 1/2 mos., blk w/ silver, shots wormed, paper-trained. $75.
1989 K. GREEN  Night Angel xi. 117 She’d been a divorced pet groomer. Specialty: poodles, Lhasa apsos, cockapoos.