Testimonial Letter Received

Rhonda's Cockapoos

Rhonda, here is our Lucy. This was her first helicopter ride to Colorado. She loves flying. She is also very good in the car. We love her very much. Thank you for breeding the “Perfect Dog.” What a personality. And loves people and other cats and dogs. At 9 wks she knows “sit,” “shake hands,” plays ball, and brings it to our hand.  -Dick and Arleen



Homer RIP 2002-2016
Homer RIP 2002-2016

You may not remember us, but in Oct. 2002 we came to get a puppy from you as a 9th birthday present for my son…We loved Homer. He was an integral part of our family, thoroughly woven into the fabric of our lives. (He was not merely exceptionally well behaved; he was bilingual in English and Spanish!)…[E]very dirty sock he loved to steal, the toys he loved to play with, his treats and tricks, the walks (¿quieres ir a caminar?!) that were the highlights of his days –of that irreplaceable 29-pound bundle of allgood.

Your puppies matter… so much. Thank you again for Homer, 20 years later…

-Rubén Rumbaut